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Transitional Economic Family Program

Program Description

The Transitional Economic Family (TEF) program, initially launched in 2018 as part of an Adopt A Family initiative, began with the aim of delivering essential materials and resources to vulnerable families during the holiday season, particularly focusing on Christmas. However, over time, the program has evolved into a comprehensive initiative dedicated to supporting the families of our students to increase the success rate of our program.


The revitalized TEF program at Moore 4 More (M4M) now emphasizes the holistic well-being, education, and advancement of specific families. Through this program, we are committed to enhancing and nurturing the family unit by providing opportunities that empower them to reimagine wealth and achieve economic and financial stability.


By extending support to the families of our students, we recognize the crucial role that family dynamics and stability play in the success of our program participants. Through various initiatives and resources, we aim to assist these families in transitioning to success, thereby enabling them to better support their students in our program and fostering greater financial stability within the household.


Ultimately, the TEF program underscores our organization's dedication to not only empowering individual students but also uplifting their families and fostering a supportive environment that contributes to long-term success and prosperity for all involved.

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